Woos is head and founder of Protoned Music, Co founder of Utopia Events, S.H.I.V.A Spirit Festival, Atma Project, Protoned & Friends in CPH & founder of Psychedelic Issues.

Woos has been playing all over Denmark since his first booking in the summer of 2006 and is a well known DJ artist at the danish psychedelic music stage and at festivals around the world. The first years he mainly played dark psychedelic trance, it was his big passion, and also to make Dark psychedelic parties in co. with ex. Parvati Records in Denmark for release parties like the party and release „No strings attached“ back in 2008. But like all things changes, Woos did as well. After the forest era Woos started playing more progressive trance dj sets. He got the crowds attention around europe, and got more bookings for his progressive project. After a period of progressive Woos was back on his path to sharing psychedelic around to people, and now makes dj sets in night time psychedelic style 147 – 150 and more lighter psychedelic trance. Thats his call <3

Woos is a well known DJ in Europe and around India, where he has played at Hilltop Festival, Hilltop Sunday, Shiva Valley, Plan B, Dream Beach, Kitty Sue, UV Bar. To mention some of the festivals around the world: Sonica 10 years Festival, Freedom Festival, Antaris Festival, Indian Spirit Festival, UFO Bufo Festival, WAHA Festival, WAO Festival, Digital Forest Festival, Back To Nature Festival, Psychedelic Circus, SHIVA Spirit Festival , Scandinavian Electronic Festival, Slagthus Area Festival, Spirits of The Jungle, Tree of life festival, We are 1 Festival. Tropic, Digital Forrest Festival, Follow the white rabbit and more !!

Always open for bookings, meeting new exciting people, travel the world and make the surroundings more psychedelic !!!

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