Since childhood, the outgoing and likeable Austrian, Man on Mission, has been fascinated with computer- generated music. By the age of 14, his interest in synthesizers and record players had taken over. His desire to become a DJ was no longer just a dream. He was completely determined to achieve his goal.
Soon afterwards, as his career progressed, a sequencer programme, record player and mixing console were his constant companions.
Ever since, computer-generated music has been an essential part of his life. After completing his vocational training, he decided to go deeper into the “matter of music” and began to study “Audio Engineering”. He graduated from the SAE with honours and received his “Bachelor of Arts.” This education enabled him to set foot into the music industry professionally. He produced his first release as Braunton, Fleischwerk in cooperation with Mario Ranieri. The same year, he released his first video, backed by the prestigious label Schubfaktor Records. Today, he is considered a rising national Psy Trance and Techno (Artist: Braunton) talent. His technical finesse and feeling for tracks has brought him quick recognition in the business. Man on Mission impressed with a mixfrom Twilight & NightPsy.

Austria MainStage2021